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Property Protection

  • Buildings
  • Land plots
  • Engineering equipment
  • Construction and installation work
  • Special machines, equipment
  • Goods in turn/commodity stocks
  • Property in refrigerators and freezers
  • Transmitting devices, electronic equipment
  • Glass objects, glass elements of buildings, structures

Transport Protection

Automobile liability insurance, CCCI
  • Cars, Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams

Railway transport

  • Locomotives, Freight wagons, Passenger cars, Laboratory wagons
Small vessels
  • Voluntary vessel insurance, Small vessels, Yachts

Protection of cargo and baggage

  • Voluntary cargo insurance for all risks
  • Voluntary cargo insurance for the limited list of risks
  • Cargo insurance according to the minimum list of risks of cargo insurance at certain risks

Agricultural Insurance

  • Harvest of crops
  • Harvest of perennial plantations
  • Farm animals, poultry, rabbits, fur animals, bee families, fish and other water living resources and livestock products

Liability Insurance

  • Professional liability insurance of bodies and testing laboratories for certification of products (goods, work, services)
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Liability insurance of vehicle carriers
  • Liability insurance of managers and members of supervisory boards of state unitary enterprises and business entities
  • Insurance of civil liability to third parties of security firms
  • Civil liability insurance of the carrier or freight forwarder

Financial risks Insurance

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Voluntary medical care Insurance (VMCI)

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